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Gentian Trails was founded by Santiago Martinez and Eleonora Ortiz, who both have very large experience, with more than 30 years in the business dealing with very high end and challenging clients, and are also professional guides, who have extensively travelled and explored Ecuador and Latin-America.

We are an organization in which part of our staff members, including the sales team are guides too. This has given us a different perception over the operation and customer service, being this matter a big advantage over other DMC’s.

We are involved in ecological programs like the Condor and Spectacle Bear conservation projects and also social programs, educating poor indigenous people in the Northern Andes and supporting a homeless home, we are part of Rain Forest Alliance.

Being an exclusive tour operator with a very large experience on dealing with high-end guests, we can deliver a genuine and personalized service. Our sales & operations team, like the owners of the company, are all professional tour guides with a very deep knowledge of the country and its undiscovered attractions, therefore we are able to create unique trips that will delight your clients.


Gentian Trails 1st Grand Serandipians DMC Champion Gold, 2024.
Santiago Martinez
My passion for travel started when I was a child: I have always loved to discover new things, reinvent myself, and I have had incessant exploration as my guiding principle! As a guide for more than 30 years throughout remote jungles, impressive volcanoes, the mysterious Cloud Forest, the magic Galapagos, and the lost trails of the Andes on horseback, there is nothing like sharing unbelievable moments with the local cultures and coming home with an amazing story.
Eleonora Ortiz
I first started guiding while I was a tourism student in university. Spending just a few days with such interesting and diverse groups of people form around the world opened my eyes to the world and from then on, I knew I wanted to show people the authentic side of my country. Eventually, I realized that starting our own company would be a fantastic way to spread my vision of how beautiful country can be, and it is the best decision I have ever made!

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