Our Commitment

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Our Commitment

Gentian Trails is concerned about our most vulnerable people and the environment. Since the company’s beginning, we have been involved in socio-economic projects, sustainability and protection of the environment and its local species. Our work and experiences must have a purpose, primarily focused on giving back to the people and the ecosystem. Based on this philosophy, in 2007, we became Rain Forest Alliance certified, and for 17 years, we have been involved in two social aid projects and one conservation one.

“Casa Atuntaqui”, which helps abandoned and terminally ill Indians. The “Gentian Trails scholarship” supports the education of poor Indigenous children in the northern part of the Ecuadorian Andes. Additionally, we have adopted “Jatun (Grande)”, the Condor, who will be a future father and contribute to maintaining the specie, which is seriously endangered in our country.

We hope that these three projects will inspire you and that we all continue learning how to make a better world!

Rainforest Alliance

As passionate advocates for both exceptional journeys and environmental stewardship, we understand the intrinsic link between preserving the natural wonders of this country and providing you with extraordinary adventures.

Ecuador’s diverse landscapes, from the captivating Galápagos Islands to the lush Amazon rainforest and the breathtaking Andean highlands, inspire us to tread lightly and protect the very beauty that enchants us. That’s why we proudly stand alongside Rainforest Alliance, a global leader in conservation efforts.

By aligning with Rainforest Alliance, we ensure that our luxury journeys not only offer you the most exclusive and immersive encounters but also contribute to the sustainability of Ecuador’s delicate ecosystems. With every step you take on our meticulously crafted trails, you’re supporting local communities, promoting responsible tourism, and safeguarding the habitats that make Ecuador a true paradise.

At Gentian Trails, we believe that luxury is not only defined by highend experiences but by the positive impact we leave behind. Join us in embracing the spirit of eco-conscious exploration, where the preservation of Ecuador’s natural heritage is as integral to our journeys as the luxury you indulge in. Together, we’re crafting a legacy of unforgettable experiences, all while safeguarding the treasures that make Ecuador a jewel in the world of travel.


Jatun is the third Andean condor chick, and the third male, raised successfully by Ayu and Inti in the Condor Huasi project of Hacienda Zuleta and the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation. Born in 2021, he followed Churi (2015) and Illapa (2019). His name means “big, tall” in Kichwa, given how fast and strong he grew and how close he was from his father’s weight and size during his first health checking when 9 months old.

Jatun was born in the framework of the national conservation plan for the Andean condor, a very endangered species in Ecuador. The plan includes, among other activities, a captive breeding program with the objective of maintaining a backup population, a genetic reserve, and the hope, in the future, to be able to release captive-born individuals to strengthen the wild population.

Jatun is now on his own enclosure, leaving mom and dad to their new breeding season. He will stay by himself until he is joined by other condors to form a social group.


As part of our commitment to society and following our philosophy of life, we started in December/2006 a project to help the homeless Indians in the area of Otavalo. Therefore, Gentian Trails shares a percentage of our profit to make monthly donations to Casa Atuntaqui and support our indigenous people.

There is an immense amount of money assigned to help nature, sustainable tourism etc., but a small group only in the tourism business in Ecuador, help human groups; many tourists visit the area of Otavalo because of its famous market and beautiful landscapes, but there is another face of the reality who are the sick and homeless Indians that have been abandoned and need our help.

Proudly we can say that, In the last seventeen years, many things we have been done in terms of infrastructure, medical care, self-sustainability etc., and our company and clients proudly are part of this progress, being our aim to continue contributing and helping these beautiful people and the community of Imbabura province.


We happily started in September-2007 helping a poor indigenous child from a remote area near Zuleta Valley in the northern region of Ecuador, her name is Monica Tito, and she was part of a program of education from the Zuleta farm – Galo Plaza Foundation.

The Plaza Family owns the Hacienda Zuleta, where we host our clients as part of our experiences. Knowing about their social projects, we have offered to be involved in this education program since then. We started sponsoring Monica with a scholarship in her elementary school, and now we have supported many children. We are still educating children as part of our commitment and accomplishing our goal of giving back to society.

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