Paraiso my Best Friend

Horseback Riding

Riding along the Avenue of the Volcanoes of Ecuador is one of the greatest experiences. We recently had the opportunity to share this experience with our British guest Harry, who was 11 years old at the time. Our little friend Harry, had mentioned to us that he had fallen off a horse in the past, and that now after a few years he wanted to give himself a new opportunity to try again. La Estribera was the place, a little getaway into the Andes, just 40 minutes away from Quito city.

There we met Carlos Cedeño, a whisper of Ecuadorian horses. In this private setting, he used to raise some of the best polo and track horses in our country. Patiently and with amazing energy, Carlos slowly helped Harry regain his confidence and began to ride “Paraíso”, a beautiful pinto horse that knew how to handle it. Suddenly, a moment of amazement happened, we realized that Harry was galloping with Paradise, and his mother Victoria, a very good horseman, could not believe it.

For Harry was, it the most important part of the trip, it took only 2 hours on Paraiso! who became since then, his best foreign friend and teacher, then spontaneously whispered: “There was no better place to heal my fear than on the back of Paraiso”.

Precious moments that made this trip presumably the most important in his Young life!

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