Princessess in the Remote Jungle


The remote Yasuni reserve of the biosphere, located in the rain forest, still one of the most pristine and biodiverse places in Ecuador and the planet, considered biologically a treasure, due to its high number of endemic species, but also the home of the mythic Huoranies, Onanes and Taromenanes indigenous tribes, who barely have been in contact with the modern civilization, specially the Onanes and Taromenanes, who refuse to be part of the modern world, therefore, they don’t allow anyone to interfere with their nomadic and unspoiled life. This area was the destination we choose for 2 Princesses from Saudi Arabia who’s desired was to experience our deep jungle as part of their South American journey.

Based on their request, we created the most authentic and enriching moment for them to feel the true essence of the rain forest and its magic.

After a year of negotiations with the Wentaro Clan, we managed to build an amazing campsite next to their village, an epic job as logistics were extremely complicated, but most fascinating was to share with these young girls in an environment totally opposite to where they come from; besides all the nature activities, like Kayaking, hiking, nature observation, what they most enjoyed, was to interact and share with the Huaoranies-Wentaro Clan, 16 families! They were simply fascinated and happily donated the campsite and a canoe for them to bring guests in the future and have a sustainable source of living for the community, it was an amazing experience that created an intimacy between the two cultures, that will remain forever.

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